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Our Experts

What connects our experts is cavitas values – a community of values. We are experienced attorneys-at-law, lawyers, tax consultants and financiers focused on achieving our mission and vision. We are specialists in our fields who are responsible for the matters entrusted to us by our clients.
We are committed to business since we are managers and employers ourselves.
We work as a team but each of our client has a dedicated consultant. We want you to have confidence that your matter is well taken care of by the professional person.

The team leader is an attorney-in-law, Łukasz Wereszczyński – an experienced lawyer and manager with many years of practice, inter alia, in settlement of conflicts that is reached by mutual endeavour of the parties. He manages employment matters in one of the biggest mine in Europe. He is open to different views and opinions held by participants of discourse. His statements are put forward clearly and duly justified.

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