We believe in
the force of law
and dialogue
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About us

Our Mission

We are here to ensure our clients effective support in labour dispute and change management in the field of employment relationship through seeking creative solutions and functional instruments.

Our Vision

All our activities are committed to bring advantages and satisfaction to our clients so that their organizations may become more powerful and efficient.
We believe in the force of law and dialogue.

What can we offer you?

We will be there to help you in assessment of the legal consequences of the claims brought by a social partner. We will discuss with you the problem thoroughly and we will prepare the strategy, the action plan and the specific solution proposal. We will accompany you in the whole process supporting you actively when taking decisions. We are willing to take part in meetings with a social partner, thereby taking care of your interests. We will make every effort not to disappoint your confidence in us.

Our Experience

We have 18 years of experience in the practice of the collective and individual labour law. Our experts have participated in negotiations of many collective agreements including general and corporal collective labour agreements, among others in such industries as mining, energy, chemical and pharmaceutical. We have provided consulting services for more than 30 collective disputes. We have negotiated social packages and guarantees of employment. We have participated in the processes of restructuring including the processes of collective and voluntary redundancies. We are familiar with the specificity of functioning of a group of companies and multi-company entities, we are also acquainted with business practice of companies with State Treasury shareholding and many privetly owned companies. We have been involved in atypical cases, for example, development of constitutional documents of our collectives clients. We are on the board of problem commitees related to statutory institutions of the social dialogue. We offer advice on legislative work concerning labour law acts.
We carry out our own research work on the institution of collective agreements as labour law sources.
We contribute to the research aimed at development of modern forms of employment and at the impact of technical development on relationship of an employer and their employees.

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