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Social dialogus

Management skills concerning effective labour dispute and change management in the field of employment is currently the most expected value by stock ownership and business partners.

A conflict over the rights and interests is particularly evident in social partners’ relations where not only substantive and legal issues but also emotions and social expectations play the major role.
Social dialogue is not only constitutionally empowered essential component of economic system of our country, but most of all, a real institution which may ensure the social peace in business when used skillfully.

Social dialogue takes many forms, starting with cooperation of an employer with employee representation in individual labour matters, through collective agreement negotiations, collective disputes and industrial actions of various kind.
Each of these formulas is close to us since we have been engaged in them for years by giving advice to employers or social representation on seeking optimally legal, economic and social solutions.

We have successfully supported single-company and multi-company collective disputes management, we have negotiated collective agreements worth many millions of zlotys, we have also participated in negotiations regarding general and corporal collective labour agreements.

We have advised on pay talks which often involved working on a shape of particular financial solutions.
We like meeting people, discussing, expressing arguments and seeking optimal solutions to the set tasks.

We treat each conflict not as a problem but as an opportunity to find a creative solution that, first of all, is satisfactory to our client but also makes all the parties to the conflict feel comfortable with the outcome.
We use best efforts to build bridges and not to deepen disputes.

Building strategies and a plan of action for our clients we strive to be original and innovative, to create a new quality as not to stand still.

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